Links to SWMCOL Videos on YouTube

SWMCOL 40th Anniversary

Charlie Ep 1 A Day In The Life Of A Litterbug

Little Girl No Pollution Resolution

SWMCOL’s Earth Defender – Marissa Mohammed

SWMCOL's Earth Defender - Marlon Morris

Charlie Ep 2 Litterbug Charlie And The Beach Clean Up

Protect Our Species

The 10Rs of Waste Minimization 

SWMCOL’s Earth Defender – Edwin Gooding

Charlie Ep 3 Litterbug Charlie And The Savannah Lime

SWMCOL’s Litter Song. “Pick it Up”

SWMCOL’s Earth Defender - Arie

Litterbug Charlie - Stop the Spread

SWMCOL’s Get into Green Song


Get into green sustainability recycling with SWMCOL and save the environment.

“Get into Green” is more than a call to action. It is both a precept and a promise.

The promise is that of a greener tomorrow for the benefit of all when we “Get into Green”.