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Public Sector Recycling Programme (PSRP)

Launched in February 2018, the PSRP aims to inculcate a recycling culture throughout all Government Ministries and state entities under the tagline “Leading by Example”.  The programme, which is tied to Government’s ‘green’ policy, currently targets waste paper and post-consumer beverage containers. As at end-February 2021, 50 government ministries and agencies were actively participating in the PSRP.

For information on how your public sector office can participate, please complete and submit our online REQUEST EDUCATION & OUTREACH FORM.

Items Recycled Locally

Get into green sustainability recycling with SWMCOL and save the environment.

“Get into Green” is more than a call to action. It is both a precept and a promise.

The promise is that of a greener tomorrow for the benefit of all when we “Get into Green”.