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Vacuum Tanker Services

SWMCOL has over thirty years’ experience in reliable and efficient liquid waste collection, transport and disposal. Our services are available to commercial and industrial clients who need assistance with the collection and safe treatment and disposal of the liquid by-products from food-processing and production plants, livestock farming, chemical by-products, waste oils, wastewater, etc.

With their wide range of field experience, our trained technical officers are able to assist clients who are ready to employ eco-friendly sustainable solutions that reduce unnecessary waste generation and lead to energy and cost savings.


Septic tank pump-out services are offered to both residential and commercial clients in Tobago
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Get into green sustainability recycling with SWMCOL and save the environment.

“Get into Green” is more than a call to action. It is both a precept and a promise.

The promise is that of a greener tomorrow for the benefit of all when we “Get into Green”.