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At 229 acres, the Beetham Landfill is the largest of Trinidad’s three (3) major disposal sites, receiving approximately twice the quantity of waste per day than the other two landfills. The site also houses SWMCOL’s Operations Division, which includes the Collection Services and Transport & Maintenance units, as well as a modern staff welfare facility.

Opening Hours 




For safety and security reasons, the site is off-limits to all unauthorized persons and vehicles. To request authorization to enter the site, please phone SWMCOL’s Operations Division or send an email request ahead of time.

Contact Info 

Phone(s): (868) 625-6678/80



The Beetham Landfill is located south of the Beetham Highway, approximately 2km east of Port of Spain.


92 hectares (229 acres)


This landfill receives municipal solid waste generated in the north-western areas of the island. The waste is collected from residential and urban communities by the Diego Martin Municipal Corporation, the Port of Spain Corporation, and the San Juan/Laventille Municipal Corporation.


The site also receives waste from haulage contractors serving business organizations.  Regular waste is landfilled while ‘special’ waste types receive pre-disposal or containment treatment to render them harmless.

Average Waste Tonnage Received 

Approx. 500 tonnes per day


Prior to 1983 the Beetham Disposal Site was an open-burning dump with inadequate cover material, minimal compaction, and access to everyone. Following handover of the site to SWMCOL in 1983, restoration activities were implemented to reduce the site’s environmental impact on nearby human settlements and sensitive ecosystems and align its operations to that of a landfill. These included:

  • Mobilization of earth-moving equipment and development of storage area for cover material.
  • Re-establishment of the main access and wet weather roads south of the drainage channel.
  • Isolation and extinguishment of all fires.
  • Assignment of specific tip areas for domestic waste.
  • Development of monitoring systems.

Current and Future Plans 

SWMCOL’s strategic environmental sustainability plans include the establishment of a transfer station and material resource recovery facility (MRF) and the remediation of the landfill post-closure.




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