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Waste Collection

Q. What is the approximate volume of waste generated in the country?

A. Approximately 700,000 tonnes of waste is generated annually, with the average citizen producing 1.5kg of waste daily. (CBCL Waste Characterization Study, 2010)

Q. What are the waste types and quantities entering our landfills?

A. A study undertaken in 2010 revealed the following:

Organic Waste                                  27%

Plastics                                               19%

Paper                                                  19%

Glass                                                   10%

Textiles / Clothing                            8%

Household Hazardous Waste         5%

Old Corrugated Cardboard             4%

Ferrous Metals                                  2%

Non-Ferrous Metals                         1%

Beverage Containers                        1%

Construction & Demolition Waste 1%

Other                                                  3%













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