Our Corporate Identity

As part of our continuing thrust to positively impact Trinidad and Tobago in our sphere of influence, SWMCOL has adopted the theme “Get into Green”.

“Get into Green” is a call to action intended to touch and transform thoughts, attitudes and behaviours in individuals, communities, businesses and cities as we transition to a greener, more sustainable Trinidad and Tobago. SWMCOL is investing in technology, infrastructure and tools while providing the support necessary to see that greener day. We are preservation driven and technology enabled.

“Get into Green” is part of our continuum to witness a greener T&T through our adoption of best practices and positive reinforcement aimed at preserving the environment. “Get into Green” is the umbrella theme under which several current and future initiatives fall.

“Get into Green” encourages our publics to become environmental leaders who spread the message of accountability wherever they are. It is the embodiment of our renewed passion and our fresh approach to achieving improved environmental outcomes for our nation.  In short, it is our pathway to sustainability.


Get into green sustainability recycling with SWMCOL and save the environment.

“Get into Green” is more than a call to action. It is both a precept and a promise.

The promise is that of a greener tomorrow for the benefit of all when we “Get into Green”.