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SWMCOL aims to transform the waste sector via the Establishment of an Integrated Sustainable Solid Waste Management System (ISSWMS), an initiative that is consistent with SWMCOL’s mandate.  The benefits of the ISSWMS include:

  1. Alignment of Trinidad and Tobago’s solid waste management activities to meet targets consistent with the national policy and consistent with SDGs targets as well as, other regional and international environmental agreements to which the country is a party.
  2. Mitigation of social, health and environmental impacts stemming from the operations of unsanitary landfilling and activities of the informal sector such as illegal waste salvaging, leachate migration, poor air quality, etc. and
  3. Creation of sustainable income earning opportunities especially for members from communities bordering the landfill sites during and after the construction phase.

The ISSWMS Project’s five (5) phases are:

  1. Technical, financial, social, environmental and economic studies of the Project;
  2. Establishment of a centralized, engineered landfill at Forres Park;
  3. Creation of transfer stations and materials recovery facilities at the Beetham, Forres Park and Guanapo sites and other appropriately identified sites;
  4. Closure and rehabilitation of existing landfills at Beetham and Guanapo; and
  5. Institutional strengthening, capacity building and public awareness and education.

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