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Q. Where can I drop-off my recyclable beverage containers?

A. Members of the public and business organizations can bring in their recyclables (post-consumer beverage containers) such as plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass bottles and tetra-pak cartons to SWMCOL’s Recycling Depot located opposite the Central Market in Port of Spain. They can also be deposited in the iCare bins located across the country. See following links for further information:

iCare - Recyclable Solid Waste Collection Project


Q. What does SWMCOL do with the recyclables that are collected?

A. PET containers go through a process that includes baling, sorting, grinding, washing, and drying to produce PET flakes. The bales are then exported for processing into new products.  Some PET flakes are now being sold to a local company to produce new products.

Tetra-paks are baled and shipped to Guyana.

Glass bottles are resold to Carib Glassworks.

Aluminium Cans are baled and exported.

Q. How can I dispose of electronic waste such as computers, printers, television sets, etc?

A. There are several local organizations that deal with eWaste. To request information on these and other local recyclers, please click ITEMS RECYCLED LOCALLY



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