In This Section

  1. Create a space for the sharing of innovative ideas in Sustainable Waste Management
  2. Present financing opportunities for new eco-innovations in Sustainable Waste Management
  3. Encourage further developments in the sector by aligning various stakeholder groups who are engaged in circular economy practices

       The Conference will entail:

  1. Mini Lectures / Presentations – Representatives from Academia, Innovators, Financial Institutions, and other subject matter experts will be invited to present on innovative ways to overcome the various challenges within the Waste Management Sector.
  2. Panel Discussions – On challenges and solutions that are applicable to our local and regional context.
  3. Exhibitor Booths / Demonstrations – A space for the various stakeholders to showcase what actions are being taken to positively impact the Waste Management landscape, and their efforts in building a circular economy.


  1. Sustainable Manufacturing & Consumption
  2. Resource Efficiency and the role of responsible consumerism
  3. Technology and Innovation in Sustainable Waste Management
  4. The Zero Waste Movement – Application to the Local Context
  5. Legislative Support – Can a sustainable system be built in the absence of supporting legislation?
  6. Financing Innovation in the Circular Economy
  7. Protecting our Marine Life “They don’t need trash to survive”

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