"Promoting Eco-Consciousness in the Belmont Community" 

The St François Girls' College (Belmont) launched its 2012 Young Leaders Program in May this year.  As one of their initiatives for the College's 50th Anniversary, the Young Leaders' Team chose to focus on the theme, "Promoting Eco-Consciousness in Our Community".

The project involved approximately 25 households in their neighboring community of Belmont who were asked to participate in separating and collecting the following types of recyclable waste: paper, plastic and glass. SWMCOL was pleased to lend project assistance to the St. François Girls' Young Leaders' Team, who were led by Dean Allan Gonourie.

The St. François Girls' Young Leaders also initiated recycling programs at the Melville Memorial Girls' Anglican Primary School and the St. Margaret's Boys' A. C. School, both of which are within the same community.  To this end, SWMCOL liaised with the Corporate Communications team at National Petroleum Marketing Company to contribute to each of the primary schools three (3) used oil drums that will be used to separate recyclable wastes.


SWMCOL & NPMC Donate Recycling Bins to Melville Memorial Girls Anglican and St. Margaret's Boys Anglican.


(Left to right): Ms. Jessica James, Divisional Manager, Corporate Services NP, Mr. Allan Gonourie, Dean of St. Francois Girls College, Ms. Colette Perez, Principal of St. Margaret's Boys Anglican, Ms. Julia Jackson, Principal of Melville Memorial Girls Anglican School and Ms. Alison Awai, Communications Specialist, SWMCOL.

  The bins were handed over to the schools in a brief ceremony at each of the schools on Friday 15th June, 2012. Present were: Mr. Allan Gonourie, Ms. Julia Jackson, Ms. Colette Perez, Ms. Alison Awai, Communications Specialist, SWMCOL and Ms. Jessica James, Divisional Manager, Corporate Services NP.